Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am finally getting the whole techy thing

I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. I am pretty happy with myself today, and more specifically, my Mac. Oh beautiful Mac. Having worked in the digital industryfor a couple of years and, more recently, the world of social media, I was always a little ashamed of myself for still not really understanding that techy stuff. Okay let's put aside jargon because that's a whole kettle of fish, I mean the basic stuff like what happens when you send a website live, what exactly is going on on that big world wide web. What does hosting mean? I mean, if I am a luddite and I've worked in the industry then what the wotsits must your average Josephine think of this tangled web that is the internet?

Well. Fellow luddites, today I managed to design and publish a website live, and buy a domain name. And, in 48 hours, the domain name will (fingers crossed) point to the website (or the other way round) and I am officially gonna be L.I.V.E!

I've gotta hand it to the Mac though. With this little old iWeb program I've created something which looks okay. I mean it's not winning any design prizes, but, it's clear, easy to use and with the help of some free fonts purchased on Da Font, my yoga website is looking pretty, pretty good. I'll post the link once I've got the domain name set up.

Yogi Bear website live!

So, that's it now, no excuses. I've got the website, I just need to start drumming up some business! But, this is progress kids. Progress.


  1. Hey, you write beautifully (and plentifully...I'll need to read this properly later!) But this pesky "yogiclairebear" has linked 15 people to click on the new Qi website in the last 2 weeks so I tracked you down and realised it was you!!!
    Thanks for linking to us, and even inspiring some to find us too.
    Now when are we having that chai-latte so I can also stroke those silky-smooth apple keys for myself?

  2. Hey Mark,
    Ahh, thanks for your kind words! I hadn't even worked out how to see comments and then saw this.
    See you soon