Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So so tired

Keeping my little fella entertained, whilst teaching and trying to come up with creative ideas for some writing pieces is starting to take its toll. I'm feeling tired. Oh so tired.

I know that in my yoga practice when tiredness sets its weary sights on you and your legs feel leaden and you're ready to stop, it's a case of mind over matter and when that next knackering chataranga pops up I'm telling myself, 'stick with it, bring lightness'

But, as with so many things off the mat. It's not that easy to remember to do this in real life.

He prowls around looking for things to entertain him, and once he's tired of his toys (which takes about 3 minutes now) he sets his sight on the remote control, my shoes, the sofas, the rug in the lounge. I already took him down the park today and he's played around with all the other bigger dogs, he's had a sleep and now he's back on the trouble trail, headed for destination Deep Trouble. And he looks at me with those reproachful eyes of his saying 'You're no fun, I'm bored"

I knew that having a dog would be a lifestyle change, and down the park I'm all breezy sweetness; "oh yes, this little monkey is so much fun."

But now, in one of my more weary moments, I'm just busting for my old life back again.

Even to be working full time and having some adult stimulation.

Anyway, whinge whinge whinge. It's all I feel like i do on here.

Sorry guys. Trying to keep the yoga focus. Another chataranga coming up.


  1. Claire, I stumbled across your blog...Wow! I am going through the same thing right now. In August, my boyfriend and I adopted two puppies. They are littermates. They are 16 weeks old. I don't teach, but my practice is really suffering. It is a struggle to make it to class 3 times a week. My home practice is non-existent. I no longer read about yoga or go to workshops. I work days and the boyfriend works from 3:00 in the afternoon until midnite. I am so tired. Hopefully they will calm down soon and stop chasing the cats!


  2. HI Abby!
    Thanks for readingand commenting! Great to hear your story too - man, having a puppy is so wonderful but it seems that like so much in life it comes with a price; I guess the key is to manage it so the pup doesn't end up controlling your life! Are your two little ones used to being left alone I was told to do that even if I'm in to get them used to being alone. Other than that I think for me it's about trying to enjoy the moment with conan and not have too high expectations for what else I can achieve. Good luck yogini!