Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A thought whilst my boy sleeps

Yep, I'm stealing a few blue squeaky ball-free moments to update you bloggy. Well, the invested hours appear to be paying off (a lesson in 'tapas' - dedication and commitment)

My protege is now:
  1. Pretty much toilet trained. Aside from the occasional accident. Not sure if my neighbours are starting to find my high pitched 'go peeeeee! good boy' a little gratey yet? 
  2. He sits
  3. He gives his paw (actually he gives both paws, one after the other)
  4. He comes
  5. He brings
  6. He drops (this is stretching the truth, he drops when he's given a treat and spontaneously one in five times, but it's a start)
  7. He rolls over
  8. I'll get it on video soon and then I promise I'll shut up about the dog.
I was writing a piece on the Qi blog about how dogs can teach us more than we know about yoga and my friend, who is staying with us at the moment reminded me of another aspect of this. I touched on stuff like how it makes us more present, and of course my example above of how he's teaching me to be patient and accept that 'all is coming' (thanks Pattabhi Jois - funny how relevant that foreign sounding phrase is these days).. but anyway my friend reminded me that sometimes when I feel anger and frustration with Conan (like now when he barked in my face, little monkey), after things have cooled down and he's frantically licking my face, like it's a tasty ice cream, I find him so easy to forgive. 

Why is it so hard to forgive and accept humans though. I mean I'm sure I'm not the worst person for this, but I do admit that there are times when I hold a mini-grudge with people who, ultimately don't mean it, they're just different. Like Conan, their minds are slightly differently attuned. 


Thanks Conan, thanks Nads


  1. One big difference between conan and human friends... He says sorry immediately... Us humans tend to dwell on it... Try to work out who is right and who is wrong... Then we make a reasoned appogy (if we make one at all) if we all said sorry as quickly as Conan I'm sure you would also forgive us just as quickly!

  2. Is he saying sorry though or just licking my face?! But yes, I think you make a good point. I guess we have grey areas don't we?