Thursday, June 10, 2010

Porridge power!

I love Friday mornings. I don’t teach or practice until the afternoon so it’s the only day of the week when the alarm goes off at what my former self would’ve called a ‘normal time’.  Ahhhhhh, stretchhhhh, mmmmmmmm… 7am. Love it.  Being your typical 50s housewife these days (minus the valium) I get up, put the kettle on and start stirring up a big pot of porridge for hubby and I.  It’s honestly one of my weekly highlights and I say that without a hint of irony. Until now, I’d never really taken to porridge; this fabled cholesterol lowering, low GI, stomach warming, oaty super food. Sticky, cementy, tasteless, Dickensian goo. But, after eating it most mornings in India, as the only viable alternative to curry (I love curry but there’s only so many cumin-based meals I can take in a day), I can whole(grain)heartedly attest to its powers. On the digestive front it’s my super hero – I mean have you seen how much muscle power those oats have, bubbling forth in the pan? Whatever they’re doing in there, I promise they’re working even harder down there… aherm.

Now the texture, well this took some getting used to. Ideal if you’re a baby or haven’t put your teeth in yet, as I like to practice eating an entire bowl without moving my jaw.  It’s possible. To offset the gaggy stickiness, I make the porridge with water only and then add milk after, once it’s in the bowl. If you use cold milk it cools the whole thing down so no more cactus tongue moments. A sprinkle of raw brown sugar for taste – come on, this is not meant to be a punishment is it, and I’ve got a grandma-like taste for sweet things. Then we’re ready to go. If I’m feeling like the super powers needed amping up a notch and the top a little crunchier, I’ll sprinkle some L.S.A (linseed, sunflower and almond) mix on for superior consumption. Man it’s good.  

Big up oat power. Use the big flakes please

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