Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A tiny paws

That's it. It's time to dress you up a bit. You really are starting to look like the kid at school with the hand-me-down clothes, scuffed shoes and the holes in your sleeves.
See, there you are, let's wipe that blue pen off your cheek and I'll put you in a pretty lilac dress and.. ooh those matching purple earrings.. you're looking so cute! 
Well, at least a little more presentable. Geeee......
Yes, I've got blog envy.  So many pretty looking blogs out there and my blog reminds me of me as a kid. Not that my mum didn't dress me properly, she did her best but I was a strong-willed child. I refused to wear a dress/skirt until the age of 13. I remember my parents' triumph when they packed me off to a friend's seventh birthday party in a kilt, obviously under the pretence that a kilt is definitely NOT a skirt. 
It's tough you know, sometimes you want things to go a certain way, to look a certain way, to be a certain way and, like trying to teach a kitten the clarinet, the kitty cat won't play.

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