Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New new new!

We've got a new place!

Yep, signed the lease and everything. We're moving out of NSW 2095 into, scary scary, NSW 2094. Surely a sign of my finer, temple-greying years.. It's kind of like in London when you go from zone 2 to zone 3 on the underground and sacrifice convenience for cleaner air, more space, less drug dealers (it's relative). In our case you can't argue with Manly's sea breeze and obvious drug dealers are not abundant, so it's space we're after, more to the point animal-friendly space. I checked out the locale yesterday and there's a lovely ye olde deli to buy fancy schmancy tapanades and venison pies etc and flyers advertising a plethora of mums n bubs social events... Yep it's proper Pramville! Just need the baby now.. Hmmmm.... Let's start with a cat.And now that I'm working from home I can justify becoming the mad old women with her cat.  We saw one at the RSPCA last week who I've got my beady eye on. Gary. Grey tabby with cat flu which apparently isn't too serious - just needs TLC and warmth, which he's not getting much of at the moment in the cat pound in Yagooma in Sydney's darkest, wettest West. Not cuddled him yet but I'm letting fate decide. If he's there when we get back from New Zealand next week then we'll have him. If he's not, then he's not meant to be.  What do you think?

So yes, a new place, a new four legged friend, and (hopefully) a  new start... as the next two weeks before the move are a good time to purge and give my ridiculous amount of crap to some one more needy.

So, if I am a little quiet over coming weeks it's because I'm either

a) Snowboarding - yay!
b) Cleaning inside the oven
c) Clearing out my wardrobe of forgotten items
d) Buying cat food

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