Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's the iPhone God's will

After all these amazing days I've been having lately I feel kind of relieved that things are starting to even out, to become normal. Because last week was the first time in a while I can honestly say 'man, that was a shoddy old week'.

Yep, it was really sucky one. After having no Internet access for three days, an infestation of cockroaches in the kitchen, a broken vacuum cleaner, and an ever-niggling hamstring injury, I thought by the end of the week things should start looking up. Well, our friend up there decided no, that's not quite enough irritation for one week and he turned things even more bitter and twisty. 

So catching the ferry into the city to teach a corporate class, I was chatting with my sister about the wonder of iPhones and checking out the new ‘books’ application she got when she upgraded her software. I mean how cool is it to be able to get real books on your phone. No more heavy tombs weighing me down, I carry enough block, strap and crap around with me as it is… Well it seemed a good idea until after an hour of downloading, I plugged my phone back in to find there was absolutely no data left on it. All phone numbers, gone; all notes, gone; every calendar entry, song, everything, a big fat gone. So… being a total luddite idiot I panicked and in a crazed frenzy of clicking I managed to ‘encrypt a password.’  Only vaguely understanding the meaning of the word ‘encrypt’ I then decided to see if this worked so I reconnected my iPhone and… A flicker of hope; it asked me to enter a password to restore the back up. What password? I didn’t enter one did I? After trying every possibly password I’ve ever used for anything, sadly, computer still said no.

As you know, I have a fiery pittary temperament so my instinct, after a quick scoot around various online support forums, the Apple website etc, was to start ranting and raging, which I did for an hour or so before bed; a tired, red-faced lunatic.

Then. A sparkly new day dawned.

Thursday came all shiny and new and I decided to try and find the positives.  Yogic surrender or ishvarapranidhana means to accept what comes as part of our spiritual destiny. It’s a principle I’ve always been attracted too as so often I feel I try to control life’s outcomes and how liberating to surrender to this type of fate, this supreme governing intelligence. which says “you are not in charge, leave it to Me.”

In fact a few people had said to me ‘oh how liberating to be free of all those phone numbers of people you’ll never call.’ Others said ‘ooh, a clean slate’.

Maybe this is what I needed, the opportunity to wipe things clean and connect with those people who really matter to me.

So armed with my castrated-phone; devoid of phone numbers and deadlines, dates, mates, and other (not that) ‘pressing’ matters, I decided to cut loose. Here are some pics from my phone-free weekend (taken with my iPhone of course)

Got a new app that takes pics which look like they're taken on an old plastic toy camera - gotta love the iPhone!

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